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And in the end, there will always be the theatre that physical space that allows us to dream lives, to imagine futures, to unleash our emotions.

It is impossible to live outside it because on the stage, among pulleys, lights and tools, all magic is possible.

Among its stalls and balconies, the presence of those who wish to be enchanted spurs us to construct dreams to which technicians, theatre and office staff, transporters, creators and dancers are summoned.

Loop is passion for the stage, glue that celebrates the lust for life, pure fun.

Loop is, once again, a pill of joy that Aracaladanza dedicates to those who share the desire to live that rekindles every time the curtain rises.


Loop is a love letter written by Aracaladanza to the stage machinery, in which dancers, machinists and electricians, together with curtains, spotlights, flight cases, backdrops, linoleum floors, stairs, carpets and mats, turn dance into a magical performance where the stage, its elements and those who work on it are the stars.

After the round of applause heard at the end of the show, spectators will be witnesses and accomplices in this imaginary adventure in which they too are part of the performance.

The end (beginning?) of the performance ensues when the dancers bow to the audience. We see spectators clapping. The curtain falls and we then discover how the stage is dismantled. The legs fall, the curtain is untied, the carpets are rolled up, everything is put away in the boxes. And it is then, once the stage is empty, that we are hypnotised by a flying curtain; we discover the world behind the scenes; we laugh following the lines on the floor; we smile switching on fans; we join a party with very little space. And then it starts all over again!

  • 2022 FETEN Award for Best Dance Show


Concept and direction
Enrique Cabrera


Carolina Arija
Jorge Brea
Lydia Martínez
Jonatan de Luis
Aleix Rodríguez
Jimena Trueba

Choreography assistant
Raquel de la Plaza

Original music composition
Luis Miguel Cobo

Others music
A. Vivaldi

Stage set and costume design
Elisa Sanz (AAPEE)

Lighting design
Pedro Yagüe (AAI)

Stage video design
Álvaro Luna (AAI)

Crafting props
Ricardo Vergne (AAPEE)

Crafting costumes
Verónica Expósito y Mer Lacostu

Crafting stage sets
Mambo Decorados

Pedro Arnay

Marketing videos
Ana Verastegui

Poster design
Beatriz S. Maceda

Lighting and video technician
Enrique Chueca / Edu Berja

Machinery technician
Oscar Alonso / Miguel Ángel Guisado

Production and press design
Javier Torres

Executive producer
Patricia Torrero y Enrique Cabrera

Coordination of national tours
Patricia Torrero

National distribution
Alberto Muyo

International distribution
Ana Sala – Ikebanah Artes Escénicas

Pedro Arnay

Enrique Cabrera has a very personal notion of the meaning of entertainment that began to take shape many years ago in his native Argentina. His dance is always activated and becomes effective from the interaction with objects and gadgets of all types, sizes and textures. ”

Omar Khan – El País, 06/02/22

Loop’ stands out for capturing and cradling our senses: it’s pleasant to watch, it’s reassuring, holding and rocking us but with an infusion of energy”

Lidia Lòpez Teijeiro – El Pequeño Espectador, 14/02/22

It quickly connects with the audience’s curiosity and opens a door between fantasy and reality. ”

Lidia Lòpez Teijeiro – El Pequeño Espectador, 14/02/22

The show behind the show, a real loop that does not end here but perpetuates itself in everything that happens after our applause, in the eyes of our three young spectators of 6 and almost 8 years old, who could not stop staring at the stage even when it was time to go, in our subsequent conversations, in our memory…”

Coral Gil – El Pequeño Espectador, 14/02/22

‘Loop’ captivated us right from the beginning with that pseudo ending with which it all began that took us to the other side of the curtain where fantastic machinery lives that makes it possible for a show to pull us away from real life and immerse us in a fantastic world where everything is possible”

Coral Gil – El Pequeño Espectador, 14/02/22

Their dance rigorously applies classical choreography techniques but the ingenuity, the overflowing creativity and the skilful sense of performance, make it look novel, effective and tremendously entertaining for the whole audience. ”

Omar Khan – El País, 06/02/22
If this show comes to a theatre near you – go and see it – you won’t be disappointed. It’s 50 minutes of funky entertainment that loops from an imagined curtain call to the real one and takes us into a weird and fabulous world of the secret life of the stage once the curtain comes down.
Graham Watts. Chairman of Critics' Circle Dance Section and National Dance Awards. United Kingdom, 14/02/23

Loop’ is a play that will delight both discerning palates and first-time viewers, leaving a sweet taste in the mouth. ”

Lidia Lòpez Teijeiro – El Pequeño Espectador, 14/02/22

If they stop in your city look out for Aracaladanza’s ‘Loop’. A dancing performance for boys and girls with a beautiful and powerful aesthetic, a great show full of wonder. Their plays are original, of the best artistic and technical standards that never cease to marvel. They have proved to be top performers yet again. I invited friends and they loved it, and so did their children. ”

Jesús Tirado – Ocho pistas, 18/02/22

Aracaladanza, a veteran company in FETEN that knows what it means to win, produces genuine delicacies like ‘Loop’, a visual dramaturgy that is pure beauty, hypnotizing the audience from beginning to end, making them enjoy and even laugh, because humour abounds in the different choreographies that are magically interwoven on stage”

M. F. Antuña - El Comercio, de Asturias, 13/02/22

They received much well-deserved applause at Jovellanos (theatre) and yesterday, in front of the 800 attendees almost filling the venue, they again obtained a prolonged ovation with the dancing of children and adults in their seats to the sounds of ‘Funky Town’. ”

M. F. Antuña - El Comercio, de Asturias, 13/02/22

Loop’ is a success and more than a steppingstone in Aracaladanza’s already remarkable career. ”

Omar Khan – El País, 06/02/22

… there are (good) dramatic effects, intelligent humour, showmanship, endearing moments, more than a few surprises, a fair amount of absurdity and no story, which familiarises children and teenagers with an unconventional narrative diametrically opposed to the traditional tale but very close to existing dance forms. And in that respect, it is certainly didactic. ”

Omar Khan – El País, 06/02/22

Aracaladanza pays tribute to theatre in its dazzling new production ‘Loop

Omar Khan – El País, 06/02/22

Far from hiding the stage entrails, Aracaladanza shows them off, puts them on display, uses them as part of the dance, and even includes the technicians. ”

M. F. Antuña - El Comercio, de Asturias, 13/02/22

Loop premiered on February 4th, 2022 in Teatros del Canal, Madrid

Loop is a production of Aracaladanza in co-production with Grec Festival Barcelona 2022. With the collaboration of Diputación de Albacete and Teatro del Bosque (Móstoles – Madrid)

Loop has the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports for its national tours.



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