55 minutes


Let us rewind back to the last “episodes”:

We uncover what inspired us and opened our eyes:
El Bosco + Magritte + Miró + Leonardo da Vinci

The titles are familiar:
Pequeños Paraísos + Nubes + Constelaciones + Vuelos

We could keep going further back in time, but let’s not.

Let’s stop.

Let’s go back to where we were. To the new production.

Nothing to do with what’s been done up until now. Or maybe it has?

Again we play, but this time letting our imagination run wild as the only source of inspiration that prompt joyful moments of fun.

Pure “Aracaladanza“:
apparent magical simplicity after the surprise following the smile fastened with an image and enjoyed under an amazing light also projected in a video and dressed in awe.

Arising from the simple game we all know and in which we all participate.

Play is a fresh new beginning for Aracalandanza without forgetting the experience of the past.

Intended and staged for sheer joy. If you wish to surrender to it.

In which case, press…



No! The curtain does not rise at the start!

We need to “build” the stage first. And fill it with cushions. And place the dancer. And light up the place.

Then and only then, does the stage come alive, poised.

Ready to play “Blind-man’s buff”. Or to crisscross elastic bands and engage in an old videogame. To jump on the sofa or discover swans in search of their lake. To follow dancing dogs who listen to cats or fill one’s head with air. To set off fireworks or dance in a row.

Play is one long party that spreads joy, is wreathed in smiles and shares the fun.

And not even then does the curtain fall.

Because the party continues later on…

  • 2020 MAX Award for Best Costume Design – Elisa Sanz
  • 2020 MAX Award for the Best Lighting Design – Pedro Yagüe
  • 2020 MAX Award for Best Original Score – Luis Miguel Cobo
  • Finalist 2020 MAX Award for Best Family Show


Concept and direction
Enrique Cabrera
Carolina Arija Gallardo
Jorge Brea Salgueiro
Lydia Martínez
Jonatan de Luis Mazagatos
Jimena Trueba Toca
Aleix RodrÍguez
Choreography assistant
Raquel de la Plaza Húmera
Jimena Trueba Toca
Original music composition
Luis Miguel Cobo
Others music
J. S. Bach / P. I. Tchaikovski

Stage set and costume design
Elisa Sanz (AAPEE)
Lighting design
Pedro Yagüe (AAI)
Stage video design
Álvaro Luna (AAI)
Assistant video design
Elvira Ruiz Zurita (AAI)
Tap-dance choreography
John O´Brien
Crafting props and dogs’masks
Ricardo Vergne
Crafting costumes
Sandra Calderón / Ángeles Marín
Crafting stage sets
Mambo Decorados
Mauro Gastón

Sofa making
Miguel Ángel Infante
Pedro Arnay
Executive producer
Arantza Izaguirre
Production and press design
Javier Torres
National distribution
Alberto Muyo
Tour coordination
Patricia Torrero
International distribution
Ana Sala – Ikebanah Artes Escénicas

Pedro Arnay

A highly entertaining show extremely well resolved and with excellent dancers. It owes its success to its serious attention to detail in every Play”

Intercultural Dialogue and Education
Almost an hour of constant plastic, musical, aesthetic stimuli … that end up convincing you that it really is worth playing, that it is worth living.”
José-Miguel Vila –
from a relaxed and playful version of Swan Lake to a triumphal celebration of tap dance by a unique troupe of stuffed dogs from a seemingly childhood nightmare”
Gordon Craig – El Heraldo de Henares

a production full of wit, extremely inventive, of superb technical quality undeniably original and with an extraordinary plastic beauty that delighted the great young audience”

Gordon Craig – El Heraldo de Henares
Play’, the latest proposal from Aracaladanza dance company, directed by Enrique Cabrera, is simply excellent.”
José-Miguel Vila –

A fine proposal.”

José-Miguel Vila –

Play premiered on November 28, 2018 in Móstoles (Madrid) at Teatro del Bosque.

Play is an Aracaladanza´s production in co-production with Shanghai Children´s Art Theatre – SHCAT (China), Teatros del Canal (Madrid), Sadler´s Wells Theater (London), the Community of Madrid and Grec Festival 2019 (Barcelona). With the collaboration of Centro Danza Canal (Madrid) and the Teatro del Bosque (Móstoles – Madrid)

Play is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports for its national tours.


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