Va de Bach


55 minutes


It’s more than creative beauty. More than technical perfection. More than intellectual depth. More than a basic foundation of music. Bach is spiritual purity and absolute imagination. It is intense emotion. And for all this, Revolution.

His work, miraculous and deeply liberating, has given breath to generations of artists whom he has inspired. Revered before, now his mark and his work is in films, paintings and even video games. It can even be traced in The Beatles, in Muse… And, of course, in dance.

Aracaladanza approaches Bach as the inspiration for a scenic work that does not so much seek to choreograph his music (in multiple facets, variations and versions) as to dive into a creative universe that allows those who wish to open their eyes and tune their ears to imagine. Because imagination is the support of critical thinking and the engine of freedom, both essential to change reality. Because imagination is the support of critical thinking and the engine of freedom, both essential to change reality.


These are questions we ask ourselves:

What if the backdrop is red velvet? And the floor, golden? What if on stage, we undress him?

What if, as an aperitif, instead of starting on stage we do it in the stalls?

What if we built a giant hand like the one that could play a giant organ? What if there are tiny pianos?

What if some balloons end up singing? And what would happen if they were to get punctured?

What if we dance a collective malambo to the rhythm of Bach?

What if some alleged baroque wigs give away meters of paper?

What if we had a coffee listening to what Bach composed precisely for a coffee bar?

What if we open some doors to check that we are duplicates on the other side?

What if a huge gorilla is sad?

What if we interpret a badinerie with lyrics and the same one without it while some balloons float?

What if we go crazy, get excited and laugh with Bach, his music and his universe?

All these questions and many more, in “Va de Bach”. And for everything else, Bach!


Concept and direction
Enrique Cabrera


Carolina Arija
Jonatan de Luis
Jimena Trueba
Aleix Rodríguez
Lydia Martínez

Eduardo Alves

Actress cantata
Carla Maró

Choreography assistant
Jonatan de Luis Mazagatos

Original music composition
Luis Miguel Cobo

Other music
J. S. Bach
Sheila Blanco “Bach es Dios”

Musical advice
Jorge Piccardo

Stage set and costume design
Elisa Sanz (AAPEE)

Lighting design
Pedro Yagüe (AAI)

Stage video design
Álvaro Luna (AAI)

Crafting props
Ricardo Vergne (AAPEE)

Crafting costumes
Gabriel Besa
Pilar López Jurado

Crafting stage sets
Mambo Decorados
Gerriets España

Marcos G. Punto

Executive producer
Patricia Torrero
Enrique Cabrera

Production and press
Javier Torres Ochandiano

Technical direction
Enrique Chueca

National distribution
Alberto Muyo

International distribution
Ana Sala – Ikebanah Artes Escénicas

To make known the work and creativity of Johann Sebastian Bach, to bring contemporary dance closer to new audiences, to develop the imagination through the scenic exploration of diverse materials, these are some of the objectives of Va de Bach.

RTVE, 17/04/2024

For this reason, Va de Bach is a perfect production for everyone, beginners and neophytes, whether children, young people or adults. It is a high-culture show that illuminates and excites spectators who come to it because of their passion for Bach or because they are lovers of choreographic art.

Cristina Marinero – Ópera World, 16/04/24


Co-producers Va de Bach


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